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Thank you so much for being here. My name is Heather and I would LOVE to meet you. It's important to be friends with your wedding photographer, because they're with you all day. So I should probably tell you a little bit about myself(: I live in Utah and travel all over the country to shoot weddings. I am married to my husband, Hayden and we have a dog. Besides photography, I really love fitness, reading, baking and looking at houses I'll never be able to afford on Zillow. I'm also not like other girls because I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift and reality TV. 


I have always loved doing things where I can express my creativity--music, art, fashion, etc. So when I took my first photography class during my junior year of high school, I never looked back! I have such a passion for this work and I really put my whole soul into it. I work hard to make sure my clients have wedding photos that they LOVE because they capture stories and emotions. I also work hard to make sure you love your wedding day. It's an important day, and I'm going to be super on top of it to make sure you enjoy every second. 

I know that you have alot of options when it comes to your wedding photographer. Thank you so much for considering me. I hope you will inquire, hop on a zoom call and just get to know me a little more. See if I pass your vibe check! Ask me your questions! Zero expectations or commitments. I promise.

Can't wait to hear from YOU!! 

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