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Just hire her. i came across heather from instagram!! it may be an unorthodox place to find your wedding photographer, but it wasn’t long until we scheduled a zoom call and hired her days later !! she is VERY intentional and was driven by our energy !! she wants to do what YOU want and offers creativity like no other !! my husband and i are not people who like forced shots, so she makes it as candid and natural as possible based off of your personality !! she got to know some of our party and she fit right in !! she’s so personable, which made our experience 1000000x better. even my bridesmaids are asking if she will be around when it’s their time to get married !! if you want someone that really understands your wants and needs, and is VERY adaptable to your day, it’s HEATHER FOR SURE !! very very very worth the investment ! i cannot believe i was incredibly lucky enough to have scrolled through instagram one day to find her. HEATHER REESE AND I THANK YOU!!"


Wedding Packages

Starting at $2500.
Payment Plans Available. 



  • Unlimited High Resolution Wedding Photos (400 Minimum)

  • Heavily Discounted Engagements and Bridal Photos

  • Full Preparation Guide and Questionnaire

  • Polaroids of Your Day

  • Film and Classic Edits

  • Full Length Downloadable Slideshow

  • Option to Add Video

  • Option to Add Leather-Bound Wedding Album

  • Option to Add a Second Shooter


One Hour Sessions

Starting at $400
Payment Plans Available 



  • One Hour Photography Session 

  • 100+ Edited High-Resolution Photos

  • 2-4 Week Turnaround Time

  • Option to Add Video

  • Next-Day Previews

  • Up to 2 Outfit Changes

  • Up to 2 Location Changes 

  • Film and Classic Edits

  • Discounted for Wedding Clients




Complete the inquiry form on the contact page. This form takes less than five minutes to fill out and can be done in the grocery line.  Let me know allll your hopes and dreams! I'll read your inquiry and get back to you within 24 hours via email.


If you've reached out about a wedding, I will send you my pricing guide so that you can create a custom quote for yourself. Then, we will set up a short, ten minute consultation call so that we can meet and discuss all of the questions and expectations that you have. 


You will pay a retainer percentage to book your date, and sign a custom contract. Then, the real party starts! You'll be sent a welcome guide, we'll start our Pinterest board together, and we'll plan together throughout the entire process.


Invest In The Most Important Photos of Your Entire Life. 


Mariah and Vance

"Heather is a miracle photographer.

My husband hates pictures but she chose such natural poses for us that we all had a blast. the second best part of pictures with heather is her instantly becoming your friend. the first best part is having everyone tell you how good your pictures turned out"

Brielle and Aidan

"We knew going into our wedding that photography was important

and also the thing we were willing to splurge on. We invested in Heather and we're so glad we did. They are by far the best photos we have of us. She captured every moment perfectly and the entire experience couldn't have been better. We literally both bawled throughout the whole slideshow. I highly recommend booking with Heather. It was worth every penny. Honestly she should be charging way more. To anyone who is reading this and considering booking with Heather, I say DO IT DO IT DO IT!!"

Anonymous Review

"Heather was amazing to work with!

We  felt so comfortable with her and we were just being ourselves. she made us genuinely laugh which created some epic photos. she used light and shadows perfectly. she also listened to my input and my desires for how I wanted our photos to look. could not recommend her enough <3"


Are You Ready To Invest In a DREAM Experience, Dream Photos, and Zero Regrets?

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